Flying Change Farm's goal is to provide spacious riding areas, quality training, and safe and well-kept grounds, in a friendly and casual environment.  Your horse's wellbeing is our utmost concern, therefore we take necessary precautions during turn-outs, enforce safety rules, teach proper ways of handling, and retain knowledgeable employees who react quickly to urgent situations.  When you board with Flying Change Farm, you know you have provided your horse a prestigious home that offers him an enhanced way of life.   We are committed to earning your business every day!


Horse Boarding Monthly Fee: $600 

Boarding Includes:

  • Feeding 2-3 times per day of grain and hay
  • Stall cleaning and bedding changes 7 days per week
  • Group/individual turnout every day, weather permitting
  • Weekly bran mash
  • Water buckets dumped and replenished daily
  • Two group lessons weekly on boarder's own horse (missed lessons must be scheduled within the month)
  • Wormer given every three months and billed to the customer
  • Round bales provided in paddocks during winter months
  • Weekly farrier visits
  • Frequent equine dentist visits



NOTE:  All interested in boarding at Flying Change Farm need to have experience in hunter / jumper style riding or be interested in learning.  If you have ridden in the tradition and are no longer interested in the show circuit, you are still welcome to board with us.  All boarders interested in training must use the Flying Change Farm provided services.





Flying Change Farm - Forms:
Boarding Contract

Release of Liability


Additional Services:
  • Blankets / sheets on and off for turnout - $35 per month
  • Additional boarder lesson - $30 paid in advance
  • Additional group of four boarder lessons - $100 paid in advance 

Training Rides:
  • Individual professional rides (at facility) - $25
  • Trailering horses in for training rides - $30
  • Individual professional rides (outside facility) - $40

Additional Fees:

  • Board is due the first of every month.  A late charge of $25 will be enforced if payment is not received by the 5th of each month.
  • Holding horse for the vet, dentist, or farrier - $5 per instance
  • Bringing in or turning out horse for vet, dentist, or farrier service - $5 per instance
  • Additional bedding and hay at the discretion of Flying Change Management

Barn Safety Rules:
  • Approved SEI helmets and proper footwear are to be worn while riding.
  • All under the age of 18 must wear an approved helmet while mounted.
  • All students are expected to clean up grooming areas after each use and boarders are to keep the areas around their stall neat and swept.
  • Do not borrow other people's equipment without their permission.

  • No children under the age of 12 may be left at the farm unattended.  A parent or guardian must supervise all children, unless arrangements have been made with the management

  • All junior riders left unattended at the farm between the ages of 12 & 18 maybe used as slaves before and after their lessons.

  • No one is to jump any horse unless they are in a lesson environment with a trainer.

  • No horses may be turned out in the indoor arena unattended.  Any damage done in the arena by a boarder’s horse will be billed to owner.

  • Boarders may use the arena while lessons are in progress, but must give lesson students the right of way, and must track in the same direction as the lesson students.

  • Do not leave horses' stall doors open.

  • Close gates on paddocks when bringing horses in.

  • Turn off lights in the barn and arena when not in use.  If you are the last to leave, please lock the tack room.

  • Flying Change Farm provides staffing  to supply your horse with proper hay and shavings. Do not help yourself.

  • Do not hang anything from your stall.  Blankets and sheets must to folded neatly on stalls.

  • Do not leave anything in the aisles. (Brooms, wall boxes, pitchforks, etc.)

  • Only saddles, bridles, and chaps maybe hung in the tack rooms.  All other equipment, saddle pads, clothes, jackets, helmet, etc., are to be kept in lockers or tack boxes.

  • All customers and guests are expected to keep the clubroom neat and tidy.  Everyone is expected to clean up immediately after himself or herself, and to wash their own dishes, etc.

  • We love animals but please do not bring your dogs or cats out to the barn unless arrangements have been made with management.

  • All guests must sign a waiver before riding any horse on Flying Change Farm property.

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